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Cubase Artist 10.5 suddenly stops and crashes.

I had a bit of a format and decided to just put my games on (linked via separate hdd) and Cubase using my main ssd. I copied my settings and preferences to save some time and everything seemed to be working ok. I loaded some of my old projects which are setup different to my current project settings and found Cubase would out of the blue freeze for a second then crash. I tried to copy my old project to my current setup which seemed to work for awhile but I got another freeze and crash. This can happen on playback and recording.

Avid Artist Mix

Can i use the avid/euphonic artist mix controller without an internet connection?

I have been setting up a desktop pc/daw which ive decided to skip anything internet related and
now I'm looking for a controller surface and want to get a second hand artist mix, but they only have an ethernet port.

RME Artist - Swedish label BIS - RME's hardware and Sequoia/Samplitude software became the ideal

While researching the state of computer-based recording back in 2004 it came as a positive surprise that the time finally appeared ripe for making the switch. And it was precisely at that moment that we understood the blessings of the MADI format which had been around for years, but had previously been available only in hardware too pricey and too big to be seriously considered for the mobile recording business. For BIS, the combination of RME's hardware and Sequoia/Samplitude software became the ideal solution for both recording and editing.

MOTU 4Pre & Cubase Artist 6, Having Trouble Getting Started

Hi, brand new to the forum and fairly new to home recording. Previously I was an Avid user of Garage Band when I had a Mac, but when my old Powerbook Ti finally became fully obsolete I didn't have the money for another Mac. I ended up with a Lenovo (Idea Pad, I think) laptop and so I'm now using Windows 7. After doing some research it seemed like the MOTU 4 Pre and Cubase Artist 6 were the way to go but I'm having trouble getting going. I believe I've installed everything correctly, but I can't seem to get a track set up.

Artist + Producer/Songwriter Contract

Help, please! :)

What kind of contract do I need to gain the rights to a master recording from the producers & songwriters? I know there are publishing contracts (only if a publisher is involved) and then producer contracts. But what do I need to cover the producer & songwriter and set the royalties split. Or will a producer agreement PLUS a songwriter agreement cover everything I need? So the songwriter agreement sets out the split and then the producer agreement will give us the rights to the master?


I Need help with PreSonus StudioOne Artist DAW. 1st post by NooB.

First, I am a home recording dummie. I am an old guy who has been playing guitar a long time, and have been fascinated by recording, but have done very little of it. I am one of the many who would like to go into a studio, sit down with an engineer and record.

However, with all of the computer technology available to help us record, it seems kinda crazy not to take advantage of it. Because of bang for the buck, I bought a PreSonus 4 channel Audiobox interface, and it came with bundled software.

New courses at Tone Artist - anyone checked out?

I've recently been referred this Home Recording Pro Tools course site by a friend of mine...

The videos look pretty amazing, and the music sounds great to me.

I'm pretty excited by it because haven't seen anything quite like it before.

Signups are next week and it looks well priced, given it says it covers tracking and mixing bands with a bit of mastering too.



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