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Is it usefull to have both - NS 10's, and Mixcubes

hey I'm looking into some monitoring for mixing around the house in various spaces, while its being re-modeled and the setup moves around from room to room. I'm just wondering if its worthwhile to have both mixcubes, and NS-10's, ie, are they conveying the same information. other references include a bose theater system, Alesis monitors one mk3's, and possibly a set of Yamaha HSM (8's or 5's) with yammy sub, or some krk rokits. the Alesis and bose are hifi voiced, so I'm looking for something to convey the mid range well.

Avantone Mixcube Active Question


Really hope you can help but i'm having issues with the mixtone. Presumably a dumb question since I'm a newbie but.

I've tried on two different soundcards.

Using the XLR from soundcard in stereo I seem to get a side mix. If I force the soundcard to mono I get an extremely quiet mono single. Even with the volume on the back of the mixcube turned up it's still no good for mixing and if i accidently switch out of mono the volume is deafening.

Using an audiojack the audio seems to just be the left channel.

Swapping Avantone Mixcubes for Yamaha NS10's

Would like some information from people who've owned both mixcubes and ns10's.

I'm looking to swap out my mixcubes for some ns10's, the mixcubes are useful, however I'm thinking I could get everything I get out of the mixcubes out of some NS10's plus the low-mids (where my Adam A77x's are too forgiving) and mid-highs.
Anybody using both NS10's and mixcubes?
Good swap or bad idea?

Avantone CR-14 Ribbon

Tonight I finally got to use the Avantone on some tracks. Lead female vocals and backing vocals. I used it with an ADK TT tube mic both through an ISA 428 mic preamp into Pro Tools. The outs on the pres were sent through the line ins on the Soundcraft so I could add some verb for the vibe for her vocal parts without printing the verbs.

Its a huge, thick, detailed sound, without a bunch of hyped unnatural upper end.

Need a new vocal mic under 500. Any suggestions? Avantone CV-12? SM7b?

I am looking for a new vocal mic. I currently have a RODE ntk but not crazy about it. Seems a little to harsh. Any suggestions for under 500 dollars?
(style is similar to coldplay/u2 stuff.)

I was considering the Shure SM7B or avantone cv-12. Any other suggestions or thoughts?


Avantone CU-2?

I know, I know, you supposedly CANT get quality recordings out of USB microphones.

BUT, I have heard AMAZING things about this microphone, and its abilities as a USB microphone as far as quality goes; comparable to non-USB mics well above its price range of only $199.

Supposedly you can record at a lot higher of a quality level than ever before through a USB microphone.

Anybody have any experience with this mic? If not, look it up and see what you think.



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