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brent averill

Brent Averill 3405 and Drawmer 1960 anyone familiar?

Hey guys, just borrowed these two units from someone and was wondering if anyone is familiar with them. The Brent Averill says "made from 3405 Neve modules" on the front. Aparently it isn't made any longer. The Drawmer 1960 is a Tube Comp and Pre.

First, is the Drawmer a Tube Pre and Tube Comp, or Tube Comp, solid state pre? What other units would be on the same level as this? Manely? UA? SEB?

Second, I know the Averill stuff is supposed to be nice but I'm wondering why they discontinued this unit. Is the current Neve package they have better?

Neve: Brent Averill vs. Vintech Audio

I'm looking for some vintage Neve modules preamps and my question is:
Everybody knows about the high quality of the Brent Averill modules. But this new company (Vintech Audio) promises the same as Brent Averill with a really low price... ($1289 vs. $1859 for Brent).
Do you think that it's possible for two channels of original Neve 1272 to cost $1289?
Please, I need answers, 'cause money doesn't happen by itself!

API 212, Brent Averill / API 312, API 512 ?

Has anyone ever done a comparison between API's two preamp modules, the 212 and 512? And we might as well throw in Brent's version of the 312. I like the idea of a simple, straightforward preamp like the 212, without extras like multiple I/O, etc., and its also a couple of hundred cheaper than the 512. The big downside is that it doesn't fit in my 500 series rack empty slots. Brent's 312 seems like a good compromise in that it costs around the same as the 212 but fits in the 500 series racks.



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