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cad microphones

CAD Triton Ribbon Mic


Anyone used one of these?

I have an engineer acquaintance who is liquidating some gear in an effort to pay some medical bills...

http://www.cadaudio…"]CAD Triton 7000 dual element Ribbon Mic[/]="http://www.cadaudio…"]CAD Triton 7000 dual element Ribbon Mic[/]

He wants $129 for it.

Is it just another one of those cheapies? It's made in the U.S., I've never had the opportunity to use one.


CAD E-350 vs. Cad Trion 8000

Looking to upgrade my mic set.

The two mics that I've read decent reviews on are the CAD E-350 and CAD Trion 8000 both which I can aquire for $500. An awesome microphone within the 400-600 price range for Acoustic, Vocals, and Ambient Recordings is what I'm looking for. Any advice, experience with these products, or even other mics within that price range?

thanks guys!

CAD M179 vs. MXL V67i vs. AT4040

CAD M179
MXL V67i

I am looking to buy 2 condensers to record overheads but will also work decent for vox. How would a pair of one of those mics work spaced? xy?

What about the recorderman technique? Large diaphram mics work allright for this application, or are small diaphrams better? If so, how do they work on vocals? Not as warm, am I right?


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