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Phase Cancellation Problem

Hi all, Sunday i've finished the acoustic treatment in my home studio and everything seemed to play properly, but when I sat down at the listening position I noticed a phase cancellation on the low.
From the measurements there's a hole of -10db at 63 and 66Hz
I followed all the directions to the acoustic treatment, but this thing I do not know how to handle it.
The superchunk are 60x60x85 of rigid fibreglass
The first reflection panel are 120x60x5 of rigid fibreglass
The ceilin is 120x60x10 rigid fibreglass
Can you help me, I'm desperate .

Two mics on guitar -- avoiding phase cancellation but new problem arises

Hi. If I Micing a guitar amp, and I set one mic close and the other back, which creates a tonal blend preferred by the musician, I put a delay on the first mic so that the signals are coming to the board simultaneously to avoid phase issues. I checked the wav files and they are aligned -- as well as using my ears. Sonically, all is well.

Phase Cancellation Question (for school)


I'm taking an audio class and I'm on a homework question I can't seem to remember the answer (even though it seems to be a pretty easy question).

"If you cause phase cancellation at 1000hz, you experience cancellation at 2000hz, 4000hz, and 8000hz. What is this kind of phase cancellation called?"

Could anyone tell me what this is?

I know the overtones of a sound are multiples of the fundamental frequency (200Hz fundamental frequency, 400Hz, and 600Hz harmonics), which is kind of like the 1000Hz, 2000Hz, 4000Hz, etc.

Frequency Cancellation?

Does anyone have any insight on frequency cancellation as it pertains to an entire mix. I think I might be experiencing it between the lead vocal and the guitars in one of my mixes. The guitars don't play during the verse and the lead vocal sounds nice and full, but when the guitars come in on the chorus the lead vocal sounds a little thin. Is frequency cancellation even what I'm experiencing?


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