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Recording Grand Piano


Here's the reposted item on how you can record grand pianos - I'll explain what made me do it. It's quite common to record what I've always called 'natural acoustic' recordings. Solo singers of all kinds, or duos, small ensembles or choirs - often in really nice venues with great acoustics and it's the sort of thing that seems to encourage stereo recording techniques.

classical piano recording - mic choices


I'm planning to record my demo CD at school's practice room with baby grand Steinway. The repertoire is just classical piano, such as mozart, beethoven, schumann, brahms, and rachmaninoff. I'll record it with a field recorder H4n. Now i still need to get a good mic (or a pair?) From my research, it seems that some good choices include: Oktava MK-012, Shure SM57, and NT55...


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