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Recording Grand Piano (Classical)

I'm in need of some advice. I've recently taken a piano faculty position at a University, and have been given quite a bit of funding to use as I see fit and I'd like to dedicate a portion of it to a decent 2-mic setup. As a preface, I would like to say that we have an excellent engineer who has a ton of experience and an awesome equipment list. He's also a very busy man, and I don't want to bother him every time I want to do a bit of recording, especially since I tend to record at odd hours. To be clear, I do have plans for a solo classical album, and I will be exclusively going through him when I record it.

Choir and classical type soloist microphones
I saw these mic tubes today - I wish I'd had one or two for what I do with sound and vision in old fashioned buildings - so much nicer visually than the bigger mics on big booms, and my one remaining C451 original with extension tubes is now suffering really badly withe the threads so weak and worn.

Recording Classical Instruments with Ribbons and Condensers? Possible?

Hi community! I wanted to reach out to your collective wisdom! Is it possible/recommended to record classical instruments (I am a professional flutist) with both ribbons and condensers? I have seen this in a couple of places eg. on the Royer website they have a recording of a flutist with a SF-24 and 2 RODE NT-6 omnis flanking on a stereo bar.…

Beginner recording classical solo violin

Hello everyone,
I am totally new to audio recording and I am try to get into the subject. I will try to summarize all my struggles in a very simple way and hopefully get good advice on how to continue.

-What I need is to record classical violin solo pieces, both in recording sessions as in live performances (audio/video).
-Gears I have to use:
MICs: RODE NT55 matched pair on a stereo bar (cardioid and omni capsules available)
DAW: Studio One 3 Artist

Help on recording tips/tools for classical flute

I'm new to recording and could use some some help on tips or tools to improve my flute recording. Currently using a Apogee Mic+ on a mic stand hang away/above about 2 feet from the performer; can't seem to get better lows or capture reverb well recording the flute, maybe I'm adding too much gain on mic.

Here is the last recording I did, any tips would be greatly appreciated: