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Cleaning up a digital recording

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2 years 1 month

Looking for someone to help clean up a digital recording.

Voices in the recording are very difficult to hear. There are high pitched noises, static and God only knows what else through out the recording.

I have held on to this recording for nearly a year, terrified of what I know it is... Some of the noises are seemlying obvious but I need to know for sure. This will help me to know if my marriage is what it seems or some ideal crap made up in my head.

Anchor Song (Justin Martin Remix) - audio cleaning

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2 years 3 months
Hello everyone,

So i've fallen in love with Justin Martin's remix of Anchor Song. Literally.
As it can't be released due to copyright problems there are only live recordings.
This one is the best: [MEDIA=soundcloud]goteem-unreleased/bjork-anchor-song-justin-martin-remixunreleased[/MEDIA]

As you can hear it still doesnt give justice to the song.
As i do not have experience in audio cleaning;
Would any of you be down to try to clean this file and give it more power?


Vintage AKG 414's - cleaning questions

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8 years 9 months
@Boswell @Kurt Foster @pcrecord @audiokid , or anyone who can help

Hey guys...

As some of you know, I have 2 Vintage AKG C-414's with the original Telefunken CK12 Brass Capsules.
These were the capsules that were used in the Telefunken ELAM and the AKG C12 mics. The C-414's also used this capsule until around 1980 or so, at which point they changed to a mylar diaphragm.

The thought occurred to me that neither of these have ever had the brass diaphragms cleaned.

found a few mics while cleaning

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21 years
I was organizing some boxes yesterday, and I found four mics that I forgot I had.

Two are Sennheisers - 409 dynamics; gold faced on the front, black faced on the back - and the others are a pair of EV 408A super cardioids that I used to use for "animal" drummers - those types of drummers who would generally hit everything BUT the drum heads. Mics, rims, etc... you know the type I'm talking about.

Nothing to scream "Eureka!" about, like finding a vintage C-12 or something - then again, I wouldn't have ever forgotten if I owned a C-12. LOL

Cleaning Up the Rack

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9 years 3 months
I finally got my first rack in today. [=""]Gator 4u rack case[/]="http://www.guitarcenter.c…"]Gator 4u rack case[/] (there will be a second one in the future for EQ and eventually pre's.) It's nice finally having my equipment in its proper place. The problem is, its a bloody mess inside that thing!

audio restoration help cleaning the file of noise

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9 years 4 months
Hey guys,

I've got a request, but I'm not sure if these are the right forums to come asking. If they aren't, please point me in the right direction, because Google did not.

There is a particular audio file I have of an old song that has some damage. It's mainly that annoying crisping sound throughout the song, but it really bothers me because it's such a beautiful song.

DIY Studio Power Conditioning / cleaning up dirty power

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21 years
I'm wondering if I could build something to help with power conditioning, cleaning up hum/ dirty power for my project studio. Does anyone have a solid design or know of a kit that I could make that would work excellent?

Any suggestions would be great.