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Safely receiving client uploads and file transfers

Hey i am going to be setting up a website where people can upload their files, a nas drive, and have dropbox.

At some point the client files need to get over to the main workstation for mixing and editing.

So my isssue is, as far as i know, i cant just run a virus scan while the files are on dropbox, they have to be downloaded, then scanned.

Client Mandates Use of MP3s for Mastering New CDs

I have a valued client that is mandating I use mp3s to "remaster" CDs for replication. Those new production CDs are then converted back to mp3s for posting on their website. I need more info to convince them this is a BAD idea. Suggestions? Links to professional data on the web? Personal experience? Thanks!

How do you deliver music to clients?

After you've created music for your clients, or yourself for the matter, how are you delivering the final product? If they simply want the aiff/wav/mp3 files are you putting everything on USB drives? If they want physical CDs, are you burning discs or having them pressed? If you're burning them yourself, are you using gold discs like those from Mitsui(or related)?

Recording - Personal Projects /Your Band/Clients

I was just wondering what the other members do around here with their studios. Do you record your own projects and play all your instruments (this could include borrowing a friend), record for your band, or record professionally for clients. I thought this might be and interesting thread.


Here is a Song Mix for Another Client - Hana Rain

Here is the first of 4 for a client's EP, who seems to tap into Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet, Alan Parson's Project for influences. Unfortunately, the band did not record using a click, so there is some disjointed syncopation of playing, but this is just a demo. Please let me have feedback on this mix.

How do professional songwriters translate their written vocals to the clients?


This is what I've done so far:
- I've written lyrics that I'm happy with (text + notes for each word + characteristics for the lines).
- I've layed out the melody as a fake piano ontop of the instrumental track.
- I've analyzed what's the most practically useful method of recording, to minimize the amount of vocal tracks to be working with.


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