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I was just wondering what the other members do around here with their studios. Do you record your own projects and play all your instruments (this could include borrowing a friend), record for your band, or record professionally for clients. I thought this might be and interesting thread.



pcrecord Sun, 03/22/2015 - 13:53

I mainly record bands, solo artists (for who I sometime play instruments) and I do record my own music.
I also record some voice over and E-Learning narration.
When you open your door to the public, the projects are very various. I've done a couple of meditation CDs and esotheric conference many years ago.
What I'm proud of is that I always try to align myself with the project and contribute any way I can.
I try to help the artist focus on giving a better performance and I often respectfully direct people on prononciation, rithme, pitch, harmonies, arrangements etc..

In a near future, I want to incorporate some small video services, to help people have acceptable medias for youtube and other online platforms.

audiokid Sun, 03/22/2015 - 14:03

fun thread, thanks for asking.

I'm one of the multitask people that was a professional musicians first then got into this racket to record and produce my own stuff which has been all sorts of styles. What interesting, I like listening back to my music , searching for a common sound that I have been working on for years, hoping reveals, tells me who I am, which I hope I will eventually be able to share with others in my music. That could be all electronic or just me playing the guitar.
I look forward to my later years just doing what I feel and not worrying about surviving, damn money.
My two strengths are guitar and singing, followed by hacking my way around bass, drums, banjo, harmonica, flute, recorder and violin, just to help understand them really.
Whether it be acoustic or all electronic music, it doesn't matter to me. I've made it a point to never be one of those people who says my generation was the best. However, as I age its hard not to get that fuzzy feeling listening to the songs I grew up with.. ( Stones, Beatles, CCR, Pink Floyd, Santana, Boston, JJ Cale and so on. Pretending my era didn't influence me would be complete denial.

I refer myself to a hybrid musician who uses hybrid technologies to make music.
I do whats called for and roll how it flows. I mix, master and remix anything you give me and do not feel like I am restricted to anything, nor do I feel I am a jack of all, master of none. I take orders really well which serve those times when I am left scratching my head for answers. Id prefer a modern sound to the oldies and can very easily get that rockabilly sound to pop so its really just a matter of listening to references and emulating a lot of it.
I love all types of music and have been like that since the first day I bought a stereo for my car and started playing 8tracks.

I recently produced a 32 voice Christian play, before that I did a folk band. before that I produced an album for an Aboriginal artist that ending up getting nominated for a Juno. Chick bands to Classical Piano, I love it. VSTi to the real deal. As long as I am working with sound, that's all that really matters. I look forward to the day I can just be alone to reflect back to all these years and come up with something that sounds like a guy that had a good ride.

DonnyThompson Sun, 03/22/2015 - 22:56

Anything and everything. I specialize in assisting solo artist-songwriters; I sing, as well as play drums, guitar, bass and keys competently enough to be able to record all the backing tracks - although there are times - if the client can afford it - where I'll pull in specialized session cats as well.

I also do a fair amount of VO work - no character voices, just straight dialect; everything from employee orientation videos to radio and TV commercials.

Here's one of my productions for a solo artist I'm working with, he's recording a solo album. The lead vocals and piano are his, a friend of ours is on soprano sax, everything else is me.