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An Appoge Big Ben Question from a novice

Okay, I've added the big ben as the master in my clock chain all appears to be good, a/d's are clocking and all sounds fine.
So the question I have is that the blue 'narrow' led flickers periodically and not overly bright when it is stable, is this the default behavior?, I ran the led test and the led appears to be okay, The unit is well ventilated and cool to the touch..

I'm just having a hard time being instilled with any 'confidence' when I see this behavior..

Thanks in advance...

Pro Tools HD & Big Ben

Hi there,

Just having a slight problem with this set up. Running a pro tools HD with a 192, also a Big Ben and a Rosetta 200.

I have the the big ben WC connected to the input of the 192 and 200. The 200 is then connected to the 192 via AES/EBU

Everything works fine with the 192 set to internal. But once I set the 192 to EXT I loose the first 8 audio out on Pro Tools when playing back.

Its really weird. I've been playing around with it trying to get it to work. Can anyone see a problem in my approach.

Question on routing of Big Ben, Interface w/ FX Processors

I currently have a Big Ben master clock routing to my RME FF800.

My FX Processors dont have a dedicated WC input, so I assume I need to run my S/PDIF to my soundcard. However, is it critical that the soundcard would be a slave clock (from the Big Ben) or does it have to be a master?

Can I route the Big Ben to the FX processors directly via an optical channel just for clock purposes?

I should know this...

Big Ben and digital FX

Any help on this is appreciated. I have run a digital Studio for a couple of years using only a Mackie clock card and am sold on the Apogee Big Ben as one worth the investment. I haven't upgraded much lately and am unsure about exactly how you clock gear like the Eclipse, TCFinalizer, Lexicon reverbs, etc. I originally added the digital card on the d8b giving me 2 pair IN/OUT digital (XLR and coaxial) and understand the slaving of the HDR and the d8b.

Apogee Big Ben... Can you talk me into it?

I have a Digidesign Mix core card and 2 farms cards sitting around rotting, and I was thinking about setting up a mobile rig in road cases with them. So with that in mind I am going to pick up 2 Apogee Rosetta 800's with the X-Digi-Mix cards to plug right into the Mix cards. Sound wise they should give HD a pretty good run for their money (which I will certainly AB when they come in and let you know.) Now I am just wondering about the Apogee Big Ben and whether it is worth putting into the system.