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Pulse Code Modulation

PCM is a digital process for transmitting analog data. Using PCM, it is possible to digitize all forms of digital data including music and video. Using binary encoding, the source is sampled at a particular frequency and further quantized. At the receiving end a pulse code demodulator converts the binary numbers back into pulses having the same quantum levels as those in the modulator. These pulses are further processed to restore the original analog waveform.

Logic Pro 8: Error Code 28773

I installed Logic Pro 8 on my Imac (running OS Tiger and Pro Tools LE 7.3) two days ago, and a message appears when opening Logic: "Error Code 28773 was returned by the Audio driver".
Digidesign HW (002) is selected as the audio device in logic preferences.
I also noticed Itunes won't work if 002 is chosen for audio in/output in preferences. I made all the updates available for my system.
Pro Tools works with no trouble. what to do?

error code c0000005

I am using Sonar 6 producer edition 64 in
windows XP pro 64 edition and a
MOTU 828 mkll 64 install

the project is 5 tracks (problem is on all projects)
audio driver at 24 bit depth 64 bit engine clicked
sampling rate at 44100
ASIO drivers ver

when I try to export to OMF I get the error code c0000005
The omf file shows up empty and will import but empty with no tracks.
I'm following the book on the OMF export, I assume a software clitch someware.?

XLR Time Code ?


I might be needing to sync a DM24 to a digibeta soon. The DM24 accepts TC via a female RCA jack. This was not a problem while using the BeTascam SP. BNC to RCA cable.

Just saw a Digibeta. It has XLR TC input and output. What kind of a cable do i use ?

On the RCA side, do I :

float the negative ?
float the ground ?
Attach negative to ground ?

thank you




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