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AKG 451 vs Beyer 160 OR Schoeps vs Coles 4038 for classical piano?

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9 years 9 months
I prefer the 160s to the 451, but I don't like either that much for solo piano. I can post examples of my test recordings.

I wonder about my judgement here, because everywhere else I've asked, folks have said the AKG c 451bs "any day", over the Beyerdynamic 160s. I'm guessing that they're not accustomed to the standard solo classical piano CD sound? That it can't or shouldn't be at all coloured or tonally inaccurate?

Coles STC4030 on cymbal/hi-hat

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14 years 8 months
Hello all,

I am currently recording a friend's project, an automated music machine, and have a question about one of the mics available.

It is a (appears to be fairly old) Coles STC4030 ribbon mic and I have had fun using it so far in Mid/Side configuration.

I have heard that some have had luck with close micing cymbals/hi hats. Bleed will definitely not be an issue for me and I have a variety of mics here to choose from.

Coles 4038/AKG 451

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21 years 3 months
Hi folks, new guy here: jumped over from the Digidesign User Conference.

Questions regarding these mics, which I have a few ancient examples of.

Does anyone know if the ribbon in a 4038 goes slack with time? The two I have must be over 30 years old, and though they still sound good, there's a sort of "crinkly" sound as if the ribbon was rearranging itself if you're careless/stupid enough to blast them with a 'P'. I thought it would be stretched too tight to do that. Anyone know if I could get new ribbons for them in the UK?