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New Music Producer Contracts Question

Hey Guys! I recently started producing music for a couple artists and am wondering what the best way to go about getting contracts is.
As well as producing the music for the artists, I am also going to be producing music videos for them and will be managing them also. Do I need 3 separate contracts for this? Also, the artists are under the age of 18. Does it complicate things with them being minor do to them not being able to sign the contract? Do I get their parents to sign their contracts? But what is to stop the contract from being void when they turn 18?

Contracts for Clients?

Hey, as I mentioned in another post, I'm looking to branch out from local bands in my area and get drum up some internet business for my mastering work.

I'm wondering how you guys deal with your clients; do you draw up or have a standard contract which clients need to sign which lays out the terms or is that not really an issue? IE they pay you, you do the work, and that's it? I figure you all ask to be paid up front for a job, yes? Or do you do half before, half after?

My First Set Of Contracts

Hello! The waters of Copyright are choppy and dangerous, so I thought I would ask some third parties if I'm doing this right.

Scenario: A Singer/Songwriter has his own Publishing Company. His publishing Company has the exclusive right to grant licenses on all the songs he writes. He wants to perform/record his songs with my Record Company.

I'm thinking I need two agreements.

Help with Gig Contracts

I have been playing cover song gigs long enough, and have gotten screwed over enough times by promoters, venues, etc. that I have decided it would be a good decision for me to make a contract for gigs. ESPECIALLY ones that are going to be a steady weekly occurance at a particular place.

I do two things, I play cover song gigs, and I am just getting into a simple DJ gig. The DJ gig is going to be happening every Saturday for the next 3 months. My cover song gigs are mostly hit and miss but I'd still like to incorporate a (similar?) contract.

Tour agreements/contracts IMPORTANT!=)

So my band has been offered to jump on tour with another band. Our manager isn't very business smart (which doesn't give me a lot of faith in him) and wanted to just jump on the tour and make verble agreements with venues about being paid.

Well that was just silly!

Anyway I know touring bands use purchasing agreements for shows, saying that the venue has to pay a certain amount in order for the show to go on.

I was wondering if anyone had any generic forms, or forms that they've used for this case!

Massive thanks in advance

How to write a rider?

I do mostly engineering job at my own studio and other studios at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Occasionally, I work mixing FOH for some people that likes the way I work. The matter is that all that work is made in my home country where I know what to ask, where and how to ask it. The next year I will probably be on tour with a Tango Company in China, USA and UK. So, although I've already made some riders here, I would like some advice on how to make my rider to Sound Companies in other country's. Also, Do you have a Sample Rider?

premade contracts for recording?

I am taking on a project which involves doing live sound and simultaneously making a multi-track recording; all on my gear.

I am happy to offer them a copy of the show at the end, but what about retaining rights? I'd like to retain ownership (publishing?) of the recordings themselves.

Additionally, they can put them up on MySpace or whatever, but if they ever end up on a for-profit CD (like a compliation disc, a live album, etc) I'd like to be able to have some sort of pull.

Where can i find already-made contracts like this? any thoughts?


Master and Synch Licensing contracts

Is anybody familiar with the master and synch licensing deals that is offering?

I’m asked to contribute with one of my songs in a short film pod for Current TV. I’ve been looking at their contracts (which can be downloaded from their site Link removed) and with my little-to-none experience with copyright matters (and English), I interprete them as I’d just might as well give the song away for the mere pleasure of being exposed (if anything at all).