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Mid-range digital consoles- Tascam vs. Yamaha?

I will be updating 3 new rooms with mid-ranged digital consoles in the spring 2012, I've been using the Mackie D8b's for about 10 years now. Unfortunately Mackie has basically dropped out of the mid-ranged digital console market after the Digital X-bus (Which was discontinued and buggy, from what I've read).

Using A Digital Console as a Controller

I am wondering how common this is?

I recently got a hold of a Tascam DM24 on the cheap, and we are using it as a midi controller w/ Nuendo 4.
I'm tired of doing fader and panning automation w/ a mouse - in general, tired of using a mouse unless absolutely necessary.

For me, it's about a better workflow more than anything.

analog/digital consoles tell me about your setup..

Hey all. question. How do you guys deal with mixing, with analog consoles? do most people, use, there inserts as outputs to there converters? or, the direct outs? so, the signal passes on the way, in, and, then mixing is done in the DAW>?

Do some, run the ins and outs, of there soundcard to there analog mixer? and if so, how do you approach this?


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