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Alesis M1Active 520 - One speaker has distorted bass

Hello guys!

I've just bought a second hand pair of 520 Active and swapped a tweeter. Everything works fine except one thing: One of them has a clear,non distorted I've opened the box to replace the tweeter and arranged all the cables in such way the airflow is not affected.
Switched the inputs between them, same result
What do you think? Is the amp damaged?
I'll post a recording to show you exactly what I mean.
M1active - YouTube
As you can see, the first monitor has a higher gain setting than the other one, to reveal the difference

Using outboard rack gear, signal distorted, why?

Hey guys,

So I had a pretty good singer in my studio yesterday laying down a vocal track. I used a AKG C414 XLS mic with a fethead, plugged into my new ART Pro Channel (Tube preamp/compressor/EQ) XLR out into channel 2 of my Line 6 UX8 interface with the gain all the way down, USB out into Cubase on my iMac. For some reason, the signal was all distorted. Here is a chunk of the vocal track:…

Bad Vocal Recording . Distorted no matter what I do

Using Nuendo 4.3 and an older 3.2 version on Windows XP SP2 OS PC has 3 gig Ram, 720 hard drive speed, AMD Dual chip, EMU 1820m soundcard. No matter what I do my vocals are crappy. Sound great through headphones while recording but listen to the wav and it becomes a monster. No matter how low or how high I set levels it is all the same distorted sound. Nothing clips according to all the meters but I hear clipping anytime I get loud on a word or pass and I do not mean any screaming just singing.

Distorted Bass similar to Coldplay's Paradise

I am looking to a achieve a similar bass sound to Coldplay's new single Paradise…"]Coldplay - Paradise (Official) - YouTube[/]="…"]Coldplay - Paradise (Official) - YouTube[/]

The bass comes in at 0:35

I was hopeing to achieve this sound with something like NI Massive, but I am now even wondering if it is possible,

Distorted guitar .. compression?

Guys I must consult you once more.. Sorry for asking so many damn questions but I have a lot to learn :P

I was just wondering.. in relation to distorted guitars .. I always avoid compression as much as I can but lately even though I am recording with a valve amp and everything sounds wonderful solo it lacks that cutting edge to really push through properly.. so ..


1) Would you recommend using compression to punch it up a little ?

2) Do you EVER really tend to use compression on distorted rock guitar.

Distorted Playback Audio Tracks

I have having distortion problems with the playback of audio with my Saffire 6 USB interface and Ableton 8.2.1 software that came with it. I can monitor through the interface with headphones while recording the track from an instrument and the sound is clear, but when the track is played back the sound is horribly distorted. The recorded levels never clip past the distortion limit. MIDI playback, however, works perfectly.

Distorted Playback Ableton Live/Reactor 5

When recording a track and then continuing to play it back to listen to it, the sound of the output becomes terribly distorted and full of feedback although the levels are well below the overload threshold. Is there a setting that controls this?

The sound of the instrument will sound fine while actually recording the track, but when it is played back it is terribly messed up.