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Recording Double Bass


There don't seem many videos on this subject, so I thought I'd make one. In other videos, some of the differences between microphones, and even microphones of radically different prices, was actually quite subtle. To be honest, I usually have a goto mic for recording double basses - an AKG 414, so in this video I deliberately looked for alternatives.

microphone comparison on Double Bass


Recently we've had lots of topics on choosing mics, and the usual X is good and Y is bad result soon pop up.

Today I needed to record a double bass for a track in the works, but as I had some spare time I thought I'd go through the mic stock and try mics I'd not usually pick, just to see what happened.

Microphones for recording double bass?



In a month begins a recording of romantic and contemporary works for piano and double bass. I meditate to acquire a microphone to record the double bass with guarantees in the register especially and low. I have several AKG 414 but the tests I have performed do not satisfy me.

Tracking Double Upright Bass

Hey Guys,

I have never tracked an upright bass before.

What are the best type of mics to use on it, and what would the placement/set up be? It has a pick up as well so I can also get a DI/Amp signal to mix in with the mic'd track/s

Thanks in advance for the input.


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Recording double bass (arco) with limited equipment.

I'm planning on working with a group soon that has a double bass player, so I'm looking for suggestions on a good mic setup for recording a double bass. However, I have very limited equipment at the moment.

Recording: Classical Double Bass

Hi there! What a great forum!

I'm a total beginner when it comes to recording so I need some advise. I'm looking on making a video DVD recording of myself playing for an upcoming audition. I'm a classical double bassist (bowed) so I need a microphone that would work well for a low pitched bowed bass instrument, I'm also not looking to break the bank.

advice about recording double bass

Hello everyone, I want some advices recording bowed double bass. I am a professional solo doublebassist and an amateur recorder and I want to record some solo double bass with my music. Right now I don't have too much money to invest in a decent microphone like Neumannn but Im looking for a 300 dlls mic which can help me have a decent recording sound of my instrument.