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I'm looking for a good mic at around 200 to 300$ for vocals (with westernguitar sound). I don't have the chance to try out several mics so I'm tied to get recommendations from a forum.

I've read several topics and I think that I'm looking for a dynamic mic because it's more robust and easier to handle. I'm specially interested in these ones:

Audix OM6 or OM7
Sennheiser e945
Shure Beta 58
EV ND967

Can anybody give me some experiences, recommendations/dissuasions to these mics. Are there any better mics for the money? My voice is not tenor and not bass - somewhere in the middle.

I would really be glad if someone could help me to get the right mic.



StevenColbert Thu, 03/16/2006 - 14:00

My Audix OM6 sounds alot like a Shure SM57, but with less low end. It's Good for live use and the studio. It's a great vocal mic and sounds grand on guitar as well. I have owned mine for 4 or 5 years now. All in all a great mic for the price. I bought the Audix OM6, after buying and returning an EV mic that really, really sucked. What a pile of dung that was.
That's the only mic you listed that I own

moonbaby Fri, 03/17/2006 - 10:43

The Audix OM6 is great, as is the Beta58. The Audix OM7 was specifically designed with a lower sensitivity to withstand a wall of sound coming at it....that really doesn't sound like your situation, so let's skip that puppy. I agree with SC that the E-V is a pile...I love my RE20s, and there have been a lot of great E-Vs over the course of time, just not the N/D series.
Then we get to the Sennheiser. I've seen many fans of that mic on this website. More power to them. Not mois, baby! I love my 421s and the 441 is awesome, but their handhelds....well, they just don't seem to hold up like the Shures and the Audix do, IMHO...