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Dynaudio is a Danish loudspeaker maker, founded in 1977. Dynaudio builds speakers using only their own drivers. Dynaudio has a subsidiary called Dynaudio Acoustics that focuses on professional studio monitor loudspeakers.

Dynaudio M3 Professional Full-Range Studio Monitors

Dynaudio M3A Professional Studio Monitors. (yes, these are pictures of the actual speakers for sale, not stock photos...and I don't know why the one picture is sideways, but it is...) These are amazing studio speakers! One of the top studio monitors, used in hundreds of high-end studios around the world.

Help with Dynaudio BM5A XLR connection.

Every XLR cable I have tried on either one of my Dynaudio studio monitors does not fit well into monitor's connector. I can get sound, but the connectors sit in their 'loosely' and does not provide for a stable connection. Has anybody with Dynaudio's have this problem? Please help because this is aggravating.

DYnaudio BM5A

These come highly recommended from everything I see so I gave them a good listen while shopping. I have to admit, they seemed kind of wooly/overly full in the lows/low mids to me. It seemed that it covered up the higher frequencies a bit. Am I just used to monitors that are a long way from flat or is this really the case? I tend to mix 2-4k a little too forward as is.