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Dynaudio M3 Professional Full-Range Studio Monitors

Dynaudio M3A Professional Studio Monitors. (yes, these are pictures of the actual speakers for sale, not stock photos...and I don't know why the one picture is sideways, but it is...) These are amazing studio speakers! One of the top studio monitors, used in hundreds of high-end studios around the world. Extremely high quality, very accurate and comfortable to listen to for hours on end - and they reveal everything in the mix with surgical precision. Other than some scratches/rash (from being in-wall) they are in excellent condition.

dynaudio d75

Hi. And thanks for taking the time to read this post.

I have been offered a pair of brand new dynaudio d75 miids for £100 and am wondering if they are worth buying. After googlng there appears to be little info about them on the web.

Looks as though they are drivers from the 80's retailing at about £300, wondering how they would compare against modern drivers. Would have thought the magnet strength would have died down after all these years leaving the performance specs very much changed.

Has anyone used these or have any experience of these.

Dynaudio BM5A MKII or Yamaha HS80M?

Ok, so I am in a little quandry....My M-Audio EX66's have blown another tweeter. never again will I replace or buy those again! Temporarily I am using my "little" M-Audio Studiophile monitors to get by until I can get something decent. I have about $1200.00 to for the upgrade. I have seen some great reviews/comparisons on this forum and think I have it narrowed down between the Dynaudio BM5A MKII or Yamaha HS80M? I designed and built my room from John Sayers site, I have adequate bass trapping/slot resonators and clouds and speaker soffits designed for the EX66's.

Help with Dynaudio BM5A XLR connection.

Every XLR cable I have tried on either one of my dynaudio studio monitors does not fit well into monitor's connector. I can get sound, but the connectors sit in their 'loosely' and does not provide for a stable connection. Has anybody with Dynaudio's have this problem? Please help because this is aggravating.

DYnaudio BM5A

These come highly recommended from everything I see so I gave them a good listen while shopping. I have to admit, they seemed kind of wooly/overly full in the lows/low mids to me. It seemed that it covered up the higher frequencies a bit. Am I just used to monitors that are a long way from flat or is this really the case? I tend to mix 2-4k a little too forward as is. A monitor that hides that area a bit is the last thing I need.