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Eventide, Inc. is an audio, broadcast and communications company in the United States whose audio division manufactures digital audio processors, DSP software, and guitar effects

Eventide H9 Max

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7 years 1 month
Hi all,

Some of you may recall I used to have an Eventide DSP4000b+. Way too complex!. Well... I just scored a H9 Max for a great price off eBay. What a fun, easy, full of options pedal!!. Just some of the algorithms listed below. If you’ve never considered one, check them out on YouTube. It’s a beast!.

That’s a screen shot from the app that talks via Bluetooth btw.

Eventide Reverb Plugin

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12 years 2 months
Couldn't resist the sale on this. $40 @ checkout here until may 7/2017.

It seems to have some pretty useful sounds. I love the 80's vibe in one of the vids, and there is some cool cheesy sounds too. Even their 'natural' sounded reasonable, at least on my phone, as an effect.

Free VST from Eventide

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21 years
The Ultrachannel.
Available as RTAS, AAX, VST.

A nice channel strip plug from Eventide - EQ, Gate, Compression, De-esser, Stereo Delay, micro pitch tune. I've had a chance to play with it a little. Nice function, decent GUI, does what it claims.

Free. No conditions. No demo limits, fully functional, but only available till July 1, after which the price is $249.

While it doesn't require an actual physical ilok key to authorize, it does require that you have an ilok account. If you don't have one, registering is easy... it's also free.

Eventide's Mood - "How Does It Feel?"

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7 years 8 months
Eventide today announced the release of a trial version of Mood, a plug-in that characterizes the emotional content of music. Mood analyzes music including key, spectral content, tempo, dynamics and additional aspects to create a set of 'descriptors' which are then compared to a data base. The data base has been populated by people listening to and rating pop songs.

What do Eventide processors do?

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14 years 7 months
THere seems to be so much hype, at least I hear it, about Eventide processors like the H8000. Can anyone with first hand experience chime in on why these are SO spectacular. It's not that I dont believe it, I just want to know. I know that they do intellegent harmonization and reverb. Are they also a full blown effects processor with chorus/flange/phasing effects and all that? Delays too I suppose? I checked out their site but I still dont feel confident I know what the heck they do completely. Thanks.



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14 years 8 months
This might belong in the Guitar section but here goes. So I remember seeing a VHS tape back in the day of some guitarist (1990's) and his eventide harmonizer guitar processor. Was there a guitar model back then and if so what was it called? They have a GTR 4000 but I don't knoiw if thats just a relatively recent model.