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Help on recording tips/tools for classical flute

I'm new to recording and could use some some help on tips or tools to improve my flute recording. Currently using a Apogee Mic+ on a mic stand hang away/above about 2 feet from the performer; can't seem to get better lows or capture reverb well recording the flute, maybe I'm adding too much gain on mic.

Here is the last recording I did, any tips would be greatly appreciated:

Flute recording and mixing

Hi frineds, I am new to this forum. 3 questions.
1. For home recording for flute what type microphone is preferred (condenser/dynamic) ?
2. I have recorded a flute mono track. Do i need to convert it to stereo prior to mixing ? I would like to add some delay and reverb to it. I need some widening effect too. What is preferred way of mixing ?

Mic technique for piano, flute and bass flute?


I have been asked to make a stereo recording of a grand piano, flute and base flute in a small 'music room'. I have Neumann KM184s (matched pair), TML103, AKG 414s (matched pair), STC/Coles 4038. Will be using Nagra VI (4 mic channels). There will be no audience. Please can someone advise on mic placement. Many thanks, David

Mic Suggestions for Saxophone and Flute


Hi everybody I've got about $400.00 to spend on a mic that will be used primarily for Micing sax and flute. I was thinking about possibly picking up an Electro-Voice RE20 for the job based on some things I have read in the past about them. However, I figure that some of you knowledgeble folk might be able to tell me if I'm making a wrong decision or if you know of a better mic to do the job at around this price. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Flute Recording Experiences?

Flute Recording Experiences?

Recording Flute

I am about to record a flute and am interested to hear other peoples
experiences. Have done this once before using a pair of Studio Projects C4
mics. Theory was was have a very good room acoustically and a pair of
omni’s can provide a vibey and live feel to the recording.

Have thought about perhaps trying an omni condenser valve mic such as an

ALT Recording Studios Brighton

Flute mic


I am running sound at the "Children's Universe" at Floydfest this weekend. One of the bands has a flute. I was planning to have the following set of mics available:

Shure Beta 87
Shure SM58
Shure SM57
AKG D112

Which would you use?

To make the post actually relevent to the this forum, I'll add a second question - What would you use to record flute in the studio?


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