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headphone mix

Monitoring with Samplitude Pro X

Monitoring with Magix Samplitude Pro X

In this video I show how I do my monitoring setups with RME Totalmix FX and also using Samplitude alone for those who don't have a virtual mixer for their interface. 

One of my Youtube Viewer bought a PreSonus Q2626, it seems to not have a virtual mixer and aimed to be driven by studio one..  I hope this will work with samp as well. 

Let me know what you think. How do you manage monitoring outputs, with or without multiple signals for headphones.. 

What to put in the cue mix?

Hi! In reference to this thread ...


... I'd like to start a thread on what constitutes a good headphone/monitor mix. Let's have some discussion on the practicalities of putting things into the cans, as well as a collection of tips from practices you've tried that worked. Here are some examples:



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