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hill audio

Hill Audio documentation - anyone to contribute?

Hi all,

I own a couple of legacy Hill Audio products (Multimix, Datum, LC1200) and found it quite hard to find documents such as manuals, schematics, old brochures, pictures etc. I would like to make it easier for all those guys who own equipment of this brand and I want to put a simple website together with all documents I already found and those i can find. After all, this stuff is worth maintaining it or even customozing it (really love the Multimix).

Hill Audio Mixing board. What level is it on? Pres? EQ?

Hey Guys, I have an opportunity to get a Hills Audio Mixing Console. Its a monitor mixer (24x6) from 1984. Also, I know its Brittish. I'm using an Allen and Heath Mix wizard (which I like a lot) and was wondering if I would be upgrading in sound quality by getting this piece. I have been looking at getting some nice mic preamps but thought this might be a way to get 24 higher quality pres in one unit. Then hopfully still add some other high end pres as well later. How does this board compare to other boards? I've seen guys selling just the pre modules out of these boards.

Hill Audio Ltd. info?

Hello all. Do to recent hell that I will not go into I am in need of a new (for me) console. While a 16 channel would be ideal, I've just stumbled across a 24 channel desk by Hill Audio Ltd., made in Hollingborn, England.

I've been able to run down a little info and an informed opinion, but was wondering if anyone here could elucidate?

Anything at all would help.

thank you

Hill Audio Console?

Dont know if I'm in the right forum section here but has anybody heard of Hill Audio consoles. Just wondering if this thing is worth taking a look at:
Concept series by Hill Audio, this split console has 36 input channels, 24 buses, 6VCA groups, 12 full-time auxsends, 4band sweepeq, 63channel meterbridge, 480point built-in patchfield, power supply, all multi-track looms plus more, orig cost $65000 AUS must sell this week $7800 AUS.