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Weird Sound

Hey people. It's been a while. I used to post here a lot back when I was full time in the industry. I'm trying to get back into recording a little bit. It would be great to reconnect with ya'll again. I downloaded a new DAW today and fired up a Scarlett interface that I had laying around. I can't get it to work right. When I record I get this weird electrical sound.

Interference issue during recording


This is the issue I've been experiencing for couple years already, and I was never able to resolve, I hope Recording community will be able to help me...I need your help, BIG TIME.

What's going on: whenever I try to record a DI signal from my guitar I have noise in the background. That noise appears even when the guitar isn't plugged in.

Guitar pickup noise/interference, how to eliminate?

Getting that noise from the guitar where when you touch the strings it stops, but also discovered that it only does it when the guitarist is holding the guitar in the playing position, i.e. the pickup is facing out away from the guitarist. Noticed that when we turn the guitar around so that the back is facing out, the noise stops. We're in a residential finished basement.

Wind Interference

Ok so I've ran into this problem ever time I've made a movie. I will eventually run into working on a day where the wind sucks and totally distorts the audio. The bad thing is it is present all over the audio. I always have to cut a ton of low end and doctor the rest so at least some is audible. Then I use a reverb to at least widen the little audio I still have.