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Hey so Iv been having issues trying to use this allegro electric piano as a midi board. Now online it does say that you don’t need any software to make it compatible. Iv got it connected to my computer with a usb-b and it detects it but when I go into my daw(reaper) It Doesn’t show up in the midi controller


paulears Thu, 03/12/2020 - 01:38

When you say it detects it, do you mean it just goes 'bing-bong' or does it actually load up the correct driver. I find that surprising. Windows is not very good at music drivers - I was going to suggest the first thing you do is go to the site to get up to date drivers, but the Williams products seem to be class compliant - meaning there are none and it uses the standard Windows generic driver. You'll need to check in device manager and make sure it really has loaded the driver - there's a chance it may not have, and then you have to faff with persuading windows to search for updated drivers, or sometimes convince it to reinstall and old one that works when the new one won't.

Other than that, then as above - your software should let you select it.


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