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jazz bass

jazz bass vs. classical bass

Dear all,

I'm wondering if anyone can share their experience recording a solo Classical bass (with piano accompaniment)?

I had only recorded acoustic bass in jazz ensemble, never as a solo Classical instrument, I gather the bassist will use bow more than a jazz player. In that case, what factors should I keep in mind when choosing microphone and recording technique?

Thank you.


Jazz Bass pickup hum

My recording engineer wants me to up-grade my single coil pickups on my Fender Jazz Bass to eliminate the hum.
In reserching the problem, I've found that these two stock single coil pickups should cancel the hum themselves by design.
How do I check the polarity of these pickups to see if they are installed correctly?
Are there any other tips for eliminating the hum?

Question on replacing pickups on a Jazz Bass

I just purchased the Fender Custom 60s pickup set and I'm trying to replace my pickups. I can figure out the wiring fine except for the little plates that the pickups sit on also have a wire soldered to them. One plate has a long metal stem (about 3 inches) coming from the center of the plate.
My questions are:
What do you solder the wires to?
What do you do with that metal stem?
What's the best way to make room for the bridge pickup? It a little bit longer than the Mexican one.



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