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Jazz Quartet Live

Hey ho,

My studio is next to a Jazz club and sometimes I drop some mics and do a little recording.
I really dislike the Sax on this recording. I think I should have set the mic more to the funnel to get a softer sound.
But this was a fun recording on my side, so I didn't want to annoy the musicans with changing mic's etc..
I'm very fine with the other instruments, jet curious what you think.
All done live to Stereo on my desk.
5 Microphons.

all the best,

Sound beginner building a recording package, classical and jazz music

Greetings all.

As a photographer, filmmaker, lifelong audio enthusiast, and beginner sound recorder, I'm glad to have found this website to research, ask for, and perhaps sometime, offer advice for the art of recording.

My first post here I will keep as simple as possible for now. For the past year or so I've read a couple of books on audio recording, some articles here and there, flipped out while flipping through the pages of Sound on Sound magazine, etc, and am ready to jump into the process.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2014 - comparisons

Two bands coming at sound 2 different ways. It made me think, realize (yet once again), how we lack so much life in music today. One of these bands is so over compressed where the other has very little processing and fantastic mic placement.

Santana is all about dynamics. I listened to most of Santana then compared the same show with Christina Aguilera.

I closed Christina Aguilera in less than a few minutes. But not so much that I don't like her, I expected so much more. I just couldn't stand the sound of the crap compression in comparison to Santana.

jazz and crooner microphone choices

Wish I would've found you guys sooner. Excellent responses and advice from the moderators; nice to have such a supply of recording veterans out there. I've played a lot more than I've recorded and for some reason, I've always been lucky with friends with good mics, and didn't have to invest in much till now. I've spent the last 6 months trying to find a very specific mic for a really in your face, but smooth vocal sound. A little like the old Bing recordings where he is just so close and the music is just background.