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Brand new KRK Rokits crackling in playback, Logic Pro X

Hi, I tried googling this, but every answer I'm reading is over my head. Buffer Size is something people advise changing. But for reference, I don't know what a buffer is nor do I know how to find my buffer settings. Someone else said to watch your CPU/HD meter, and I again don't know what those are, nor how to change them.

KRK Rokit, one speaker broke, repair, buy new pair or a single?

Hi Folks,

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Have had a pair of KRK rp5 (gen 2) for some years and been very happy with them
One recently failed (bass speaker not working). I am trying to decide whether to send for repair (out of warranty) which will cost £30 carriage there and back, £20 initial fee discounted from repair cost when done or the following options

JBL LSR305 or KRK Rokit 5 G3? What is your opinion?

I am looking for good price and good quality studio monitors for mixing, recording, composing.
I found kind of interedting and cheap stuff.
So, it's JBL LSR305 and KRK Rokit 5 G3.
I heard a lot of good words about KRK monitors, but I was kind of disappointed. The sound quality was much better on JBL monitors.

KRK Rokit G5 or G6's?

Was highly considering these powered monitors for my reference monitors in my home studio. I've read plenty of good reviews of how they're extremely accurate. Not to mention, a good price for the poor people. Anyone have any experience with these G5 or G6's? I'm assuming the G6's are more powerful and produce less distortion. Let me know what you think. Thanks.