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KRK Stands

Hey so I just got a set of KRK Rokits. The stands it came with were missing all the screws. I've contacted them about getting the package of screws sent, but it's been 3 weeks and I'm loosing my mind having these speakers on my desk. Does anyone know the exact dimensions of the screws? I'm just going to order them on Amazon, I just need to know what size screws to buy.

Brand new KRK Rokits crackling in playback, Logic Pro X

Hi, I tried googling this, but every answer I'm reading is over my head. Buffer Size is something people advise changing. But for reference, I don't know what a buffer is nor do I know how to find my buffer settings. Someone else said to watch your CPU/HD meter, and I again don't know what those are, nor how to change them.

KRK Rokit, one speaker broke, repair, buy new pair or a single?

Hi Folks,

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Have had a pair of KRK rp5 (gen 2) for some years and been very happy with them
One recently failed (bass speaker not working). I am trying to decide whether to send for repair (out of warranty) which will cost £30 carriage there and back, £20 initial fee discounted from repair cost when done or the following options