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Drum Hits Machines Collection - 32 Kits by Hex Loops

Hi all.
I want to present your one of the latest of our drum sample packs that features 32 premium drum kits recorded from some of the best drum machines ever: Roland 606, Roland 707, Roland 808, Roland 909, Kawai R50, Yamaha DD10 and Korg ER1. With a total of 290 one shots sample sounds this pack will fit perfect in any electro dance music production and not only. You can use this great sounds in any genre you want, even hip hop, trap, dubstep, pop, house, trance and many more. This drum kit is available for $20.50

Using Acoustically Recorded Drum Loops

I'm new to this so apologies if this isn't normally asked,
I'm starting a company that'll exclusively sell acoustically recorded drum loops as opposed to programmed/MIDI loops etc...& I wondered if I could get any
feedback regarding people's use of loops, or feedback on this idea
I have a really quick 6 question survey so as to do some research for it and wondered if you're interested if you wouldn't mind filling it out?
Here's the link for the survey;

Anyone ever try to work entirely in Fruity Loops?

I'm going to try doing it, using direct in through my firepod on electric guitars / bass, then modeling through guitar rig. For acoustic guitar / vocals I would use an NT2-A. So far the audio recording seems pretty damn good, and the fact that I have good EQ, real time plugins, and much better options than Adobe Audition 1.5 that I was using before, I'm hoping it will improve my stuff. Not to mention I can now make my drums in ezdrummer right in the program without having to export anything. WICKED! :-?

Anyone ever try it?

Loops in Logic

I have tried everything (and it wasn't that much) but I cannot figure out how to take a loop in logic and have it play on a track in the arrange window.

I can drag the loop to the window and the region will appear but when I press play nothing happens.

Is there something else I need to do to get to playback?



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