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low frequency recording

low frequency recording help?

I'm wondering if there's any way of recording low frequency noise, bass specifically, with a just the capabilities of a phone.

To give y'all a better idea, I've got a neighbor that sucks in all the stereotypical ways, constantly playing loud music, raucous late night gatherings, etc. What is most annoying, is the music, or more specifically, the constant thumping bass that manages to travel through the walls. Its loud enough to hear with the naked ear, but not loud enough to pick up on a mic and then play back in a recording.

low frequency recording

Hello all,

I have an issue I'm not sure how to tackle, so I'm searching for some advice. I need to record for legal documentation a very low-frequency low-amplitude drone that is present in some households. Apparently it is caused by some fans in a warehouse that is located about .25miles away from a neighborhood. But, I'm not sure of the best mic (omni, amorphic, cardio) to buy to record this. Is there a good mic someone knows that is particularly sensitive in very low frequencies?