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Lynx Studio Technology, Inc. is a debt-free, privately held corporation that designs and manufactures professional audio products. Formed in 1998 by a team of seasoned audio software and hardware engineers, our goal is to utilize cutting-edge technology to create the highest quality products at a good value to the customer.

Pcie Interface Cards - Lynx vs RME vs ?

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12 years 2 months

Hey I'm looking to pull the trigger on some conversion for my living room setup. A couple high quality channels fits the needs, and around 1k is the most I'm looking to put into this one. I'm basically gonna track ideas via an eleven rack, and archive all my old stuff with this setup getting it ready for the new custom computer and 384k+ capable conversion. So it's going to see daily use for about a year while I'm drafting plans for my new place and rallying up all my old files.

Lynx e22/e44 Pcie converters?

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12 years 2 months

Hey I've been endlessly searching for quite some time thru a plethora of interfaces and converters and various connection options. I'm building a decent daw PC so I'm limited in pcie slots and need to be judicious to make sure I've got my bases covered. I'm making the jump to 384k next year when mytek releases its updated version of the 8x192. This will be my 'flagship' converter. That's the place holder unless something I like more around that 3k price point and channel count gets released.

LynxTWO B, ProjectMix I/O Control Surface and Pro Tools - How To Put It Together

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12 years 6 months
hey guys, needs some help.

Recently built a computer that's pretty robust and i'm running a projectmix i/o control surface with protools 10. now, i'm pretty versed on its operation etc but the computer this one replaced used to be my old home theater pc, which had a lynxtwo b soundcard that still gets great reviews.

with that said, i hate to see the card not being used and was wondering:

A) is there some way to incorporate this card into the setup that would make it more advantageous than it is, and

Black Lion PM8 summing mixer with Lynx Two A

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17 years 4 months
hey guys,

i just bought a BLA PM8 to use with my 4 in / out lynx card and have a few questions in regards to how I set it up. Given that I have always worked inside the box I never had any experience with consoles.

Would I connect the BLA PM8 only when I am exporting my mix? Would I benefit at all from monitoring from it?


Given that I only have only 4 outputs is the only limitation here that i just have to export the track double the amount of time?

Lynx HILO for Mastering

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9 years 5 months


I am being sold on a Lynx Hilo for my mastering conversion and monitoring solution. Do any of you ME's have an opinion on this? I noticed the Aurora has 8 channels (instead of the 2- Hilo) and sells for ~$500 less than the Hilo. Is the conversion the same? I was also looking into the Crane Song HEDD.

Please help, because my head is spinning over this.


Combining LS-ADAT to my Lynx Two A card

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17 years 4 months
hey guys,

In attempt to gain access to more channels for an upcoming drum recording, I am considering buying a LS-ADAT to co exist with my Lynx Two (4 input card)

I plan to use a UA 4710D using the Lynx LS-ADAT for the purpose of 3 Toms and HiHat
I will connect my Seven Circle Pres to my Lynx Two for Overheads Bass and snare.

Given that I have never recorded using ADAT before, I was wondering what I can expect with it quality wise v the analog way.


Lynx Aurora16 and Mytek Studio Clock

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21 years
I'm guessing I would know the answer to my question if I was using Pro Tools HD and other unmatched odds and ends in my converter chain? Mixing old with new to try and keep it all in sync for more IO however,

I ask this because question because I'm on the AD DA upgrade path right now and see this configuration in some peoples gear profile. Looking at different converters and sorting through the GAS noise to get to the other side

Why would you want an external clock like the Mytek Studio Clock if you are using Lynx Aurora16?