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Music Center Incorporated (MCI) is the former name of a United States manufacturer of professional audio equipment that operated from 1955 until 1982 when it was acquired by the Sony Corporation. The company is credited with a number of world firsts: commercializing the 24-track multi-track recorder, the tape Auto Locator and in-line mixing console.

MCI JH-24 maintenance

I work at my fathers studio. He owns a MCI JH-24, for a while it was not used much due to the inconvenience, but it sounds really good, and we are wanting to use it more. He has asked me to look into what kind of maintenance work needs to be done on it. So I am asking if anyone can refer me to any sort of text or the equivalent so i can figure out how to keep this thing in good shape.:cool:

MCI JH-600 2 channel module makes noise

MC and HNY to everyone.
Some time ago I delivered a 2 channel-strip module from a MCI-made (now Sony) JH-600 console. It worked really well until the owner lend it to someone else for a few recordings. When he he got it back it did nothing at all. So he called me again to have a look at it.
Turns out that a multiconnector got loose from the power supply to the mainboard, so I soldered it back in place.

MCI JH5 anyone?

Does anybody know anything about MCI JH-5 modules? I was given an old Ampex 1" 8trk reel-to-reel machine with MCI JH-5's. I fired it all up a year or so back, and one of the reel motors on the machine is fried. Im not really thinking about trying refurbish this machine, but I'm considering using the MCI JH-5 modules as preamps? Would these even sound decent at all going into a digital recording system? I have No info about these units, and most of the info I am coming across is about the JH-16 and JH-24 MCI units.

Which preamp sounds closest to the old MCI 400 series?

Please, just the straight and skinny, I understand all about the variables that effect the final sound, and *nothing* will sound like a well tuned MCI except another MCI console. I just need a map to guide me towards that sound. I know the MCI 400 series have been described as punchy and creamy. I would like to hear from someone who has used one, or currently still does, and their opinion of which pre would get me in the ballpark.

I'm looking at Vintechs, Sebs, API's, etc... you know along that line.

MCI Console or what?

Hi! I currently use an old MCI 416 console to an otari tape machine. It sounds pretty good, but can be noisy and unpredictable. I'm looking to get a cleaner sound but with good pre's. I just used an AMEK angela which sounds great but i dont think i can afford that. I've heard good things about ghosts. How do they compare? Would that be a step up or down from my mci?

MCI Calibration help


Does anyone know what the tape tension (oz.) is supposed to be for a JH-16/JH-100. Also, where are the adjustments for it? I have, what seems to be a complete "JH-16 manual" AND a second "JH-100 manual" that contains electrical cal and board layouts ONLY(no mechanical. cal). The problem is that when the "complete" manual references specific pots and whatnots, the numbers are incorrect. (Maybe it is for an older or newer transport?) When I look at the board layouts from the second manual, the numbers correlate to the actual markings on the analog torque board.

MCI JH 600 console

There is a MCI JH 600 console up for sale here. I got interested because it seems like a good deal. Problem is, I have none hands-on experience with MCI, only heard stuff about and recorded with the MCI. Good stuff. Anyone have opinions/experience of this console ?

This one is 36 channels, inline, pre's & eq on all channels, master section and I think there are even VCA-groups. Price about $5000. What do you guys think ?