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Mixing Techniques - How Do You Approach Your Mix ?

I know this has been covered here on RO in a previous thread "How Do You Mix?", but I thought it would be an interesting discussion to have again as the previous thread dates from 2001.

It would be interesting to hear from members on their style of mixing and the different techniques we use.

Vocal Effects, Mixing techniques.


Hey guys, I'm planning on recording a new song for my solo project and for the vocals during the verse I want to have my voice sound different, like with an effect on it. The type of sound I want is like what Billie Joe's voice sounds like on the verses of American Idiot, it sounds like it has some reverb and maybe a little bit of a like megaphone sound.

analog 2 inch wind down sound on DAW?

It may be a rather childish question but can anyone help out on this. I know some have heard this, but you know that sound, used mostly at the end of pop-punk songs where it sounds as if the song just slows and stops. The most recent example I can think of is in the new Lil Jon song "What you gon do" radio edit version during the chorus on the word $hit.

compression. killing your mixes?

Ok so I'm not a huge fan of crazy amounts of compression, but people want a lot of it, especially when you record mostly heavy rock like i do.

My problem is I feel like compression and limiting dont seem to take well to my mixes. When i get stuff back from mastering its still not INCREDIBLY loud, but i can hear all the compression artifacts and feel like my mix fell apart.

Mixing Techniques for simple acoustic guitar vocal track


I have just recorded some simple vocal and acoustic guitar tracks on ADAT, and now in the process of mixdown on O2R.

Got 1 vocal track and 3 tracks of acoustic guitar (close miked 57,distant miked RODE NT and a D.I signal).

Would like to ask you pros out there suggestions on how to pan and mixdown the guitar and vocal tracks.