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mixing techniques

Recording and mixing techniques to create crowds

Hi, I am looking to record/mix a hook very similar to the way this one sounds. :22-:33 of Wes Walker's "Pop The F**k Off". [MEDIA=soundcloud]weswalker/pop-the-f**k-off-wes-walker[/MEDIA]
I am wondering how to achieve this crowd sound with only vocals from one person through vocal layering (approximately how many stacks/voice inflections), panning, and stereo imaging. Thanks a lot for the help!

Mixing Techniques - How Do You Approach Your Mix ?

I know this has been covered here on RO in a previous thread "How Do You Mix?", but I thought it would be an interesting discussion to have again as the previous thread dates from 2001.

It would be interesting to hear from members on their style of mixing and the different techniques we use.

Do you mix from the bottom up, starting from drum tracks and bass tracks, then adding guitar and other tracks, thereby allowing space for your vocal tracks, then bring your vocal mix in over the top ?

Vocal Effects, Mixing techniques.

Hey guys, I'm planning on recording a new song for my solo project and for the vocals during the verse I want to have my voice sound different, like with an effect on it. The type of sound I want is like what Billie Joe's voice sounds like on the verses of American Idiot, it sounds like it has some reverb and maybe a little bit of a like megaphone sound. Also on the Green Day song Holiday, during the bridge it sounds like he has a megaphone sound. I like the sound more on American Idiot though.

Mixing Techniques for simple acoustic guitar vocal track

I have just recorded some simple vocal and acoustic guitar tracks on ADAT, and now in the process of mixdown on O2R.

Got 1 vocal track and 3 tracks of acoustic guitar (close miked 57,distant miked RODE NT and a D.I signal).

Would like to ask you pros out there suggestions on how to pan and mixdown the guitar and vocal tracks.



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