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mxl v63m

Recording grand piano live with wirless mics in Carnegie hall

Currently I am using an MXL v63m mic to record piano concerts which requires phantom power and then different connectors to my canon HF20 camera. Not much experience on micing and this is for my wife who is a classical pianist that will perform in Carnegie hall in Oct.
I appreciate advise as to which wireless mic or mic's i can buy which will have connectors to my 3.5mm canon camera. Some places they do not allow cables running around. If wireless is not a good option which mic is better with cables. the price range for mic $100-200 or less.

MXL V63M or Shure SM7B or for home broadcasting

Setting up home studio for on line radio and looking for a mike, can anyone tell me why the MXL V63M is so cheap ?

I found a used Shure Sm7b

Or any other XLR suggestions considering a limited budget to run though my board would be much appreciated. I have phantom power on the board but no other home equipment at the moment.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks Gents.

mxlv63m and mxl990

What can you guys tell me about these microphones for a starter? I have already ordered my SM57 on ebay, and now I am going to order my mbox2. I have two options:

-with my academic discount I can get the mbox I want for $350 on sweetwater, just the mbox2 and the Pro Tools software with plugins.

-on musicians friend I can pay $450 with no discount, BUT it has a $40 mail in rebate and comes with the two microphones mentioned above as free gifts with cases, and shockmounts.

Are these mics worth paying $60 more for to get for free?



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