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neumann km 184

KM84 vs. KM184

Can someone tell what the big deal is about the KM84 vs. KM814? Why do the 84's sell for so much more money? Is it due to supply and demand since the 84s are no longer made or is there really that big of quality difference between the newer and older versions?

I appreciate any/all comments from those who have done the a/b with both models...


Alternate to KM184 for Drum OH's?

I like my KM184's but would someone suggest an alternative for a more aggressive sound(deep lows, pointed, snappy). I'm going for that NuMetal drum sound like Korn, Tool, Godsmack, etc.

The KM184's are bright enough, but have a warm, round, woody quality that boxes out my snare a bit on drum OH's.

I hear this same quality from them on guitar cabinets and I think it is what makes them nice on acoustic guitar.

I'm really trying to get as much sound from the overheads as possible with as little eq as possible.

KM-184 or AT-4051a?

I was wondering if anyone has any opinion on the relative merits of these two mics.

I've heard a few people complain that the Neumann stereo pairs are not always matched very well. Instead you get consecutive serial numbers and hope for the best, although the differences are slight. I was wondering if this was true or not.

Ive heard great things about the ATs. They also have the advantage of being modular, and I'd like to buy omni capsules at a later stage.

In this part of the world, the pairs cost roughly the same amount of money.



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