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neumann tlm 103


The Neumann TLM 103 has quickly become one of the biggest successes in Neumann’s history. Its pristine, clear sound is a modern update on the classic U87. The TLM 103 is a transformerless cardioid condenser microphone with a gentle presence boost for a stunningly direct sound with breathtaking definition and ultra low noise.

Recording Double Bass

There don't seem many videos on this subject, so I thought I'd make one. In other videos, some of the differences between microphones, and even microphones of radically different prices, was actually quite subtle. To be honest, I usually have a goto mic for recording double basses - an AKG 414, so in this video I deliberately looked for alternatives. Before the audio, I've discussed some of the features of double basses that can help or hinder you once you know them.

I actually got a surprise with the mics I chose. The list was:

Neumann TLM 102 vs. Neumann TLM 103 vs. AKG C 414

I have a small home studio and I am looking to purchase my first high end mic. It will be running directly into the preamps on my Apogee Duet interface. I will use it mainly for recording my Taylor GS5 and Vocals and will occasionally use it for piano as well. I have about 1000$ to spend and I am looking for the best mic. I have a lot of experience with the C 414, some experience with the TLM 103, and no experience with the TLM 102 but I hear that it is nice. I like the C 414 but I don't know the other mics well enough to say that one is better.

Vocal Problems with my Neumann TLM 103 with my Focusrite ISA one Pre-amp

So I attached two different recordings.

Both recordings are the same guy, with no mixing added, and are using the same mic/preamp combination.

There is one major difference though. Although the one I have labeled as "bad" it is still clear, but does not mix well .. AT ALL. In fact the vocal is just too loud no matter what I do in the mix.. compression, eq, etc. If I turn the vocal down its clarity diminishes and doesn't sit in the beat well.

The one I label as "good" is very easy to mix and to control. I would like to get back to this recording.

Neumann TLM 103d

Wow, I had no idea until I saw this clip. Neumann TLM 103d ... add a starter kit (ad da converter, limiter and compressor) and S/PDIF or AES into your DAW. I didn't hear him talk about a mic preamp? Is this all combined into the mic?
I didn't realize there was a bottleneck that happened with analog/mics that was anything to be concerned about?

Here I thought this would never happen in the pro audio mic world and see this was released two years ago. Anyone try this and what is this mic's main use?

Best All-In-One Preamp/Compressor/Limiter/Gate For TLM 103

Aloha Guys... Finally putting together a professional studio with some quality gear.

Please give me your opinions on the Best All-In-One Preamp/Compressor/Limiter/Gate For TLM 103.

If it makes any difference, I'm running Sonar 8 Producer with an RME Fireface 800 Interface.

I appreciate all responses given. =)


Neumann TLM 103 or RODE K2?

This might sound like a silly question (as i know Neumann mics are legendary microphones), but I am looking to buy a new mic for my studio. I have tried the RODE K2 and I really liked the sound of it on vocals, it sounded a much warmer than my SE electronics mic. But I don't know weather i should buy this mic, or save up a bit more and get a Neumann TLM 103 (which i haven't tried before, and I'm just relying on the name and reputation).

Using Neumann TLM 103 D (Solution-D) with Digi 002

Hi there!

Has any one tested Newmann's TLM 103 D (Solution-D) microphone with the Digi 002. Please let me know how you have tested/ set it up.

Please explain what are the options in connecting the Mic with Digi? and which one is best for quality. It looks like AES 42 receiver is required between the Mic & Mixer/Digi 002.

Compatable with PT HD/LE/MP V7.3 or higher

Edit/Delete Message

New pre for a TLM-103

I just purchased a very lightly used TLM-103 from a friend to replace my wonky MXL V6. The Marshall is fine for it's price but it took a nasty tumble and now has a lovely dent. After about 5 or 10 minutes it will just decrease in volume until eventually it's dead quiet. I borrowed the TLM from a friend who didn't care for it too much and after some wheelin' n dealin' wound up buying it from him for a VERY decent price. So now I've got a much better mic but there's a new problem: My ART TPSII pre. It's gotta go.