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nord lead


The Nord Lead is a series of virtual analog subtractive synthesizers, manufactured by Clavia.

Released in 1994, the original Nord Lead was the digital synthesizer that made the term virtual analog synthesis popular. The now widely accepted term "virtual analog", was first coined by Clavia with the release of the Nord Lead. This synthesizer was distinctive for its red coloration, knob-laden surface and unique pitch-stick and modulation wheel. After the Nord Lead, several updates followed suit; such as the Nord Lead 2, Nord Lead 3, and Nord Lead 2x.

Nord Lead1 Question

i have a nord lead i got at guitar center used, for $200, its pretty beat up, its missing a D key, its got a weird mathmatical equation hidden under a psychadelic sticker of a man walking in space toward a burning sun, its pretty heavy stuff. This keyboard NO DOUBT belonged to a real lunitic before i got it, and I'm wondering where i can
A. get a new D key.
B. get an owners manual that i can read cuz the one on clavia's page sucks.
C. can anyone instruct me on how to reset the factory settings?

Nord Lead 2 or Novation KS4?


Today I sold my Roland XP-80 and went immediately to the music store to get a Nordlead 2. Instead, after a couple of hours of playing both, I came home with the Novation KS4. It sounded richer and fatter to me for starters. It seemed like the KS4 had more of an OberheI'm or A6 type of sound and the NL had a thinner more Moog-ish sound. Even so, I left thinking that I really could get the sounds I want out of either. Do you think so?