1. angel72bg

    Please help-Millennia nseq-4 vs CharterOak PEQ1

    Hi All,can you help me with advise or experience ,the sonic difference between the Millennia NSEQ-4 and CahrterOak PEQ1. The NSEQ-4 is twice in price. I looking for a Mastering EQ. Thank's in advance thumb
  2. Michael Fossenkemper

    Millennia NSEQ-2 with Fred Forssell board

    wow, pretty nice sounding eq. doesn't sound anything like the stock version. very sweet midrange, actually sounds sweet all around. Just had a listen to Dave Mcnair's and was quite impressed. Pick up a used one and pop in the $800 board and you've got a nice eq.
  3. R

    cranesong ibis, ear825q,milennia media nseq 2

    hi guys! i am thinking about new eq for my studio, these are my top choices- any thoughts? tnx in advance,