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Please help me choose an audio interface

For home studio/bedroom solo recording and podcast where there's already a Zoom Q2N HD camcorder and an iPhone 11 pro available with several small mixers to choose from --
Any opinions on the Zoom interface:

Ever tried a harmonizer? TC Helicon VoiceWorks

I dug this unit out today - and the video is a walkthrough of the different preset programmes. Some are useful, some just plain strange! I can see the solo singer in a bar maybe? You have to work hard to create your own pile of songs through!

Found all the bits of a live show, managed the edit!

I thought I’d share this because I’m pretty pleased with what I have done. Pre-covid we recorded a show in a theatre and ended up with a hard drive full of the video clips from cameras and the sound files recorded from the M32 to a MacBook.

Standing desk for music production?

Anyone use a standing desk for music production?

If so, what's your setup? (ie. sitting / standing, manual adjustable desk or with a motor, which brand you might recommend, etc.)

My current setup is very ghetto (and clunky / uncomfortable) so thinking about how to design something that's most optimized for a smooth workflow, yet comfortable for many hours of production).

Best chair for music production?

Is there a specific chair that's most loved by music producers?

Or one you use and would recommend?

My current chair is literally almost a 90 degree "L" shaped hard chair with almost no padding and needless to say, it's very uncomfortable. Looking to up my chair and desk game.

Treatment on the inputs?

Should I be printing treatments on all my instruments and vocal inputs (not effects but phase reverse, hi pass, comp, limiting and EQ) or should I go in dry with only desirable mic placement and gain staging. I do use some eq, comp and spatial plugins on the vocal channel inserts that can all be disabled during mixing….