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Recording (live or studio)

Recreating Carpenters harmonies for stage tracks

This might be interesting - we produce a lot of show tracks. Mostly used as click tracks in stage type shows - for where you need extra musical parts you simply cannot do live, or as emergency tracks where a band member might simply be unable to sing due to illness - the usual coughs and colds, or where simple medical issues make certain thing impossible.

Cassette Recorders - The Tascam 112 Recorder from the 90's

I just dug out my old Tascam 112 cassette recorder that's been sitting in the store which I bought in the mid 90s - and I've done a comparison between something recorded in my DAW at 48K, 32 bit floating point, then this file re-imported as a 320 MP3, and then the .wav recorded onto the Tascam, reimported back to the DAW.

Swissonic 88 note Master Keyboard pros and cons

I got asked about the keyboard people could see in the various videos on microphones - it's  a Swissonic 88 note master keyboard and it's got loads of faders and rotary controls, plus a set of drum pads - I've recorded what comes out of Cubase and what the mic in the studio can hear - make your own mind up.

Audio Interface recommendations?

I’m an old timer and I’d like to get back to mixing out of the box on my console. I’m looking for an interface that has a lot of outputs. Preferably a lot of line level i/o and preamps aren’t necessary (the idea being to connect it to my console and record that way... with my protools rig standing in place of a tape machine). Ideally I’d like at least 16 outputs. So I’ve been looking at the Cymatic utrack24 and the Allen and Heath ice 16. The Cymatic looks perfect, but the sound on sound article on it says the DACs leave some headroom to be desired. Can anyone comment on this?

Make a Professional Studio

Hello guys, I would like to make a professional studio to record my drums. I already have an acoustically treated room and I wanna know what mics, preamplifiers, monitors, audio interfaces, mixer, etc. to buy?
I would like to obtain Weckl sound. What do you suggest me to buy? Thanks.
I currently have a focusrite scarlett 18i20 1st Gen, a jts 7 piece drum mic set and a soundcraft efx12.



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