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ZED10FX high pitched noise when using USB to PC

A while back I posted on the Allen & Heath forum about this noise issue I have with my mixer when using the USB connection to the computer. This noise persists, just wondering if anyone here has run into it with the ZED10FX. In a nutshell, when the USB is connected to the computer, and chosen as the audio input in a Windows application (like Zoom), you get a high pitched sound that's annoying. Here's a link to that thread:


Hitch a Ride - Brad Delp's processing?

Hi!  Wow, it's been a while since I've travelled this way.

I've been asked to do a cover of Boston's "Hitch a Ride".

I'd like to solicit opinions for what processing they are using on the legendary Brad Delp's vocals. To my ears, I can't decide if he tracked it twice or if the doubling is done electronically. 

Also, are all the vocals tracks run through 1 compressor or are they compressed individually?

Here's a link to some isolated vocals:

The mics in the center of the circle scheme worked okay, thanks!

Hi folks, I got some advice here about a scheme to set up a simple unobtrusive set of mics in the middle of the circle at our weekly Irish session in order to have a collection of recordings to help us hear ourselves afterward, and, you know, for the same reasons people take pictures of each other I guess. So, I got the two ribbon mics (two cheap used SE X1R ribbon mics) and a Cloudlifter CL-2 and the whole thing runs off AA batteries and phantom power through my Tascam DR-40x.

Antelope Orion Monitor Output Calibration Question

Hi everyone! I am hoping to get some clarity here on what level was used to calibrate the Orion 32+ Gen 3's Monitor Outputs - in particular whether a -20 dBFS or -18 dBFS 1kHz sine wave was used to to calibrate the outputs to +4dBu?


If you are wondering why I want to know, it is because I would like to calibrate my analog monitoring chain and my speakers. Being the Orion is first in the chain I want to know what the outputs are calibrated to.


Are VCRs the World's Cheapest Hi-Fi Reel-to-Reel?

Are VCRs the World's Cheapest Hi-Fi Reel-to-Reel?

This may sound like a clickbait title to some, but how far off from the truth is it?  You may say I am stretching the definition of what defines a "Reel to Reel", but think about it for a second.  How different is a VHS tape being "spun" in your VCR than your tapes on your Tascam Half Track? I guess by that logic you can also call a cassette player a Reel to Reel....

Cheap Spring Reverb Solution Volume IV - Budget Consumer Equipment (FOSTEX 3180)

Hello everyone,

Another installment into my "Cheap Spring Reverb" series. This time I take on the Fostex 3180. This noisy little machine adds a nice sheen to any track I pass through it. Very versatile in my opinion if you aren't looking to spend a large sum of money. I think I picked up mine for something around $100-$200 a little while back. Well worth the money I would say.