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Peace and Love

We need peace and love.
Individually, we need 'em.

In this world, you have to go to war to gain peace, and fight to be able to love.
Very very strange world, we are in.
But, at any rate, we truly need peace and love in our troubled world!!!

This song, I composed, is dedicated to my Grandson, Misiri Kalayaan!!!
All my love to you, and my peace I give you!!!

Run For Battle - Original RUSH-esque song


Hey all. I've been working on an original song for a uni assessment. I'm happy with a lot of it, but I'm still unsure how to proceed with a few things.
Everything was recorded in at our uni studio including the synths. There is still one more guitar part to go in but I've almost finished that.

I based it off of a Rush type of sound and some Iron Maiden influence in there, as well as others.

Original Pop Punk song for class

Ok so I'm all very new to this mixing deal. Basically at uni we have a new studio. We are required to spend at least 2 hours a week in this studio and get familiar. I have read lots on recording and mixing, and my classmates decided they wanted me to do the mix. I've tried just finicking with a few things and feel like I've gotten something decent... maybe.

I'm mainly struggling with the guitars.

How to match dissimilar vocal punch-in with original vocal?

On one of the Stairway mixes this particular vocalist had to re-do a section of the vocal and what I was provided from her sounds environmentally and tonally very different from the original vocal.

The good news is that this is in the heavily effects laden final vocal part so I can mask some of the difference but it's still noticeable. I thought it would be a simple task to essentially match it using EQ but I'm having difficulty. Is there a specific strategy or technique for this?

Is there a common technique or goto technique for this?

The Reckoning - original song mix advice

Here's a new song of mine - came together pretty quick - interested in any mix critique and also strategies to tame the lead vocal - I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to do - I don't think it's just volume envelope I'm after, but I don't know if I need some sort of compression or limiter or something to keep it out front but taming the idiosyncratic phrases or loud parts. I'm not sure how you guys accomplish that.

Many Thanks

The Reckoning Mix#2


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