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original song

Write a song for FREEDOM inspired from this content

Political content…

Have a listen to this video (all the way through) and write a song based around its content. If you are not a songwriter then maybe you could be an inspiration towards producing or recording content like this. People are starving for hope. Wake people up!

Those that suppress free speech 🙈, choose to cancel content like the current governments are doing  is no different to those that supported the gas chambers.

Blue Sky Day

This song is Collab Work, with original Music and Lyrics by Aldo (aka Sedda), from "A Member of the Public", from Australia.
Sedda asked my if I can make my own version of his song, Blue Sky Day, and I followed his lead.
Beautiful song, with a joyful and hopeful message.

As the saying goes;
"Fair Winds and Following Seas"
I am dedicating this song to all peoples searching for peace and hope in our troubled world.

The Reckoning - original song mix advice

Here's a new song of mine - came together pretty quick - interested in any mix critique and also strategies to tame the lead vocal - I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to do - I don't think it's just volume envelope I'm after, but I don't know if I need some sort of compression or limiter or something to keep it out front but taming the idiosyncratic phrases or loud parts. I'm not sure how you guys accomplish that.

Many Thanks

Straight From My Heart (re-recorded original song)

Hi everyone,

”Straight From My Heart” is another ”one of the first songs” that I wrote and recorded a few years ago after buying my ”first DAW”. At the time I did only one mix / version and again, I was really never happy with the mix and the performances. So - now I’ve re-recorded almost every track and done some changes to the chord progression, arrangement, instrumentation etc.

Listen Carefully - Original song I'd like feedback on


I wrote this a couple months ago for a contest along with some other stuff. Out of the three, however, this is the song I was most satisfied with. I got to record it in a studio (which turned out to be pretty disappointing, sadly) and performed it live in front of an audience of about 200 people, I believe. It's basically inspired by the media catering to what people want to hear, not what's actually going on.

No time to say goodbye (re-recorded original song)

Hi everyone,

”No time to say goodbye” is one of the first songs that I recorded after I bought my ”first DAW” a few years ago. I was never happy with the mix / performances but I thought the song itself was quite good, 60’s kind of vintage song. So - I decided to re-record this song and do some changes to the arrangement / instrumentation.
Everything is recorded in my home studio by myself using Logic X, Kel HM-7U mic, Apogee Duet interface, GAP Pre 73 preamp, Gavin gtr and a lot of different plugins.



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