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I just bought this unit. After installing the software, I turn it on and all board lights come up and the firewire light is blinking. There doesn't appear to be a connection with the computer. Anyone experience this? Is there some sort of master reset? I installed the software first as directed and the programs associated with the setup of the unit come up fine. The FW connection is not happening.

FW-1884 control surface
Mac OS 10.4.6
Tascam software ver 1.6 for Intel Mac
Cannot install latest firware update as FW connection is not happening


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dementedchord Tue, 08/22/2006 - 00:02

$ .02

go on sit down your not gonna like this.....first let me recommend you check out the tascam users group for more specific info... i own one these darlings myself and have found it to be exceptional in many ways.... there are 3 problem areas with them and you have most likely run into one of them... and that is it does not play well with all firewire controllers...
tascam doesn't really want to own up to it... they say it's not a problem and yet one retailer i do some business with stocks a firewire card at tascams suggestion... the prefered controller uses the TI chip set... if you cant find one PM me and i'll suggest something....
BTW the other two areas of concern are...
1. people have been blowing preamps by not following the rules on phantom ya gotta turn the phantom off before plugging/unpluggin mics....
2. not all feature sets are supported.... ie. just because you have a controller your prog doesn't necessarilly use say the EQ buttons/swithches.. and it's a matter of the prog not the controller... although youl'd think a driver update might help here...

anonymous Tue, 08/22/2006 - 07:23

thx for the reply. I called Tascam and they told me that the unit is somehow damaged off the shelf. (I purchased an open box unit from the store). I took it back and they talked me into an M-Audio Project Mix. Beautifully layed out but firewire again and it doesn't seem to work too well (or barely at all) with Final Cut Pro. It's supposed to under Apple Logic control but it's acting half-assed.
I cut a verbal agreement with the store (who was out of stock on the Mackie Control) that I could return this for a swap.
At this point, after having lost 3 days on my video project, I find myself thinking that I made a mistake going in this direction period. I'm just trying to mix a couple of audio tracks in my video. I got sick of the mouse routine. However, these controllers are really designed for DAW and music type sessions. I'm probably going to get the Mackie and then sell it. It won't work at all with Final Cut unless your in a specific window layout anyway. (The audio mixer layout).
At least my Command 8 has monitor in/out's so it gives me a place to route my return audio in a professional manner. The Command 8 will only talk to Pro Tools however.