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overhead mics


Overhead microphones are used in sound recording and live sound reproduction to pick up ambient sounds, transients and the overall blend of instruments. They are used in drum recordings to achieve a stereo image of a full drum kit. They are used to create a balanced stereo recording of an orchestra or live productions.

Also search equidistant and the 3:1 rule (A point is said to be equidistant from a set of objects if the distances between that point and each object in the set are equal) can effect the phase between two microphones.

Drum Overhead Mics Time/Phase Alignment

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8 years 9 months
So for years now, at least since DAWs have given us the ability to move audio files around by infinitesimal amounts within a time line, I've both read and talked to other engineers about time aligning the overhead drum mics to the Snare and Kick...
I know there's also software available that can apparently time align those mics/tracks, although I've never used it.

My daughter's wedding ceremony overhead mics

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13 years 6 months
My daughter asked me to help out with her outdoor wedding. Among other things she needs me to do, I need to mic the minister and the happy couple. I don't have lavalieres and don't want to mess with cordless rigs. I'll be running the mics through a Mackie vlz pro 16, using the mixer pres. I can hang the mic/mics off the overhead pergola but she doesn't want them to show. I'm guessing the pergola to be about 8-10' high. I've used the nt5's flown over actors in a theater production indoors in the past and they performed pretty well.

Suggestions for inexepensive drum overhead mics

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18 years 7 months
So; I have around $300-400 that I can spend on purchasing some drum overheads for my home studio. I'd like to replace the cheap MXL 603's that I've been using with, I guess, "less" cheap ones. I've been reading some interesting things on different sites about the Avantone CK-1's and the Kel KM-1's. Understand that I'm not going to be able to get any more money together at the moment because the wife has plans that among other things entail having piano movers move my grand from one room to another and buying new couches, lighting etc.

Heavy audio processing management for drum's close mics and overheads.

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21 years

Lately I'm re-listening some of the The Roots albums as well as some acts from electronic scene who use acoustic drums like Nerve.

Songs like… YouTube - The Roots - The Next Movement… YouTube - The Roots - You Got Me ft.

Confused on which overhead mics to purchase

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21 years
Firstly I'd like to mention that I am planning to use the microphones as overheads.
Ok I have narrowed down my choices to these, in order of price.

AT 4041
AT 4051
AKG 451
KM 184

What I really want to know is how much better the more expensive microphones are, is it a very significant difference? In general how do they stand up against each other?
I don't know how to phrase the question too well, but I think(hope) you guys know what I'm getting at.

Thanks :)

Looking for advice on purchasing overhead mics and other qns

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21 years
Hello there.
I'm looking to buy a pair of overhead mics.
My budget is 700ish at max for a pair, but I don't want the "best" for my budget, in the sense I don't want to spend alot more for an improvement that isn't significant, but I am willing to spend that much if it's at least somewhat of a significant improvement.
I want something that will last, something I probably won't upgrade unless I was able to spend alot more.
Some comments on the characteristics (if any) of the mics would be of help as well :)

compression settings for overhead mics

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21 years
just wondering what the general view is on compressing the overhead drum mics during tracking. Necessary?,Stupid?,Imperative?
I realize that its mostly a matter of opinion and taste,but if anybody has any input or suggested threshold/ratio-attack/release settings theyd like to share id dig it very much.