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Mixing double drums: How would you pan them?

I'm mixing a project with two drummers on most of the songs, much like The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers etc. I've been pondering my panning approach and, though I've kind of got it figured out, it would be useful to hear what others have done or think they would do with two kits before I settle on something.

recording - pan laws

...made me wonder what others are doing with their pan settings. I just finished reading the section on pan laws in Roey Izhaki's book Mixing Audio. He indicates the main pan laws are -0 -3 -4.5 and -6dB, and explains that for most stereo mixing, -3dB is probably what we are looking for, but I am always curious about rogue values and settings, and the people who might use them.

Getting past "the tricks" - pan & doubling/tripling

Perhaps wrongly titled. Perhaps I mean 'creating room so the tricks don't have to be used'.

What I am talking about is queries like the recent query on recording vocals and getting that warm, fat sound.

The answer given was to triple the vocal, one left, one right, one centre.

Why can't I pan when monitoring in Cubase?

I would like to pan monitoring in the headphones while I am tracking, but there appears to be no way to do this. I can pan once the track is down, but not during tracking. I have tried fiddling with all of the settings I can think of.

Is there no way to pan the signal while tracking in Cubase?


:o Every channel on my Tascam 388 is now like it's stuck in Mono. The ability to pan went out while powering up, (Mono button is rarely used and not stuck- not the problem). All pots refuse to pan anything. Only the overall volume is slightly decreased when L/R, (strongest in the middle). I know this is an easy fix, just need to know what/where.

Quad Pan Pot or Joystick Surround Controller

Hi, My name is Bill Amato. I do sound design for theatres in the cleveland ohio area. In July we will be doing a production in which I would like one of the effects to be the sound of whispering that travels around the audience by means of a manual control. Is there some form of joystick controller for this?

Mixer PAN problem

I have a problem with the Behringer UB802 Eurorack. Whenver I turn the knob on PAN all the way to right, the microphones will not pick up any sound, and this happens on both Mic plugs. It only works when the knob is in the middle or all the way to the left.

I'm pretty sure it worked before, and now it doesn't
What seems to be the problem? Thanks


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