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peak level

Peak levels question effecting average ?

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I hope you can take a few min to help clarify this for me. I am new to recording and am trying my best to learn. I am recording into a digi002r/ada8000 using Pro Tools in my DAW. I have the snare, BD, sm tom, Med Tom, Fl tom, lt overhead, rt overhead miced. I have recorded the drums separately from the guitars bass and vocal tracks which were recorded through a GT Brick pre. All my compressioneqeffects are done in the DAW. When recording the drums should I shoot for as high a peak as possible to 0db or should I look for -3 to -6db peak? What should the peak relationship be from each level?

Peak level @ 0, -0.1, -0.2 or -0.3dBFS?

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Out of curiosity what do you guys use as standard?

I know (from listening experience and from a TC Electronic paper) that a lot of consumer CD players will additionally clip the signal beyond 0dBFS when D/A'ing and things are so hot.

In which case I suspect -0.3 instead of 0dBFS doesn't make any difference - probably should be at least -3dB or something..