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peak level

RMS - Peak Levels for final output

I've read that the difference between the RMS level or average volume level and the peaks in an audio track is a good determination of the amount of dynamics in the track. According to which kind of project your working on and what it will be used for, I realize that these may differ. I've read for TV commercials especially, heavy compression is used so that the final mix can be pushed up to maximum amplitude. I am curious to know for each of the following, what would be your desirable final RMS and peak values and why? I am still trying to understand this a little more.

Disk Peak / Audio drops in Cubase - please help!


I'm working on some Cubase sx projects that have recently rise to an high number of audio tracks, all in 48 Khz/32 bit float.

In the last recording sessions I had an annoying problem: when I press the playback button the audio at some point drops for returning few seconds later.
In this timeframe Cubase's disc panel led peak very high (unlike the CPU led, that seem ok).

This happens all the times, until I must delete the last recorded track that seems to cause the problem.

Clipping Peak Removal?


I have several old tracks that have the odd clipped peak. I was wondering on recommendations for 'fixing' these. I realise that these are somewhat limited in scope, but in my case these are tracks that are fine except for 3-4 unsightly overs.

I've seen adverts for various tools like Izotope and so on, but never used them (Happily using WL4 for close to a decade I guess.)



References considered during RMS or Peak compression?

Could someone correct any of my thinking here, and answer my questions also? Please read carefully and make sure you
understand the question before responding. If I am not making myself clear, I can make a 5 minute video and post it on YouTube and post a link to the video with me demonstrating and asking the question.

Peak levels question effecting average ?

I hope you can take a few min to help clarify this for me. I am new to recording and am trying my best to learn. I am recording into a digi002r/ada8000 using Pro Tools in my DAW. I have the snare, BD, sm tom, Med Tom, Fl tom, lt overhead, rt overhead miced. I have recorded the drums separately from the guitars bass and vocal tracks which were recorded through a GT Brick pre. All my compressioneqeffects are done in the DAW. When recording the drums should I shoot for as high a peak as possible to 0db or should I look for -3 to -6db peak? What should the peak relationship be from each level?


Just for fun I downloaded trial versions of both peak & t-racks, and was amazed how much fun I had. I also learned a lot about how to prepare for pro mastering etc.
IK and Bias had both of these on sale and I purchased them. The T-racks is the analog modeled mastering plugin .
The Bias peak LE-4 installed no problem, but the T-racks has 2 options 1= Pro Tools, and 2=VST plugin folder. I selected the VST and after it half way installs, it stops and I get a message stateing that my hard drive has no system folder. any thoughts ?



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