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Tascam 16x08 vs. ps 1818vsl etc, need some input please!

I read a post from a while ago about the 1818vsl and us-1800 . I really loved your insight. (Donny Thompson)

I am buying my 1st pre and looking at the PreSonus 1818vsl, Tascam 16x08 and the tc 2020.

I am using AKG clip mics on the toms, D112 /bass/ sure 57s/snare/sure condensoers for hi hat and over head.

the kit is 8,10,12,14,16,22,14, total of 11 mics all tolled.
I would like to know in your opinion if the 16x08 will be able to push the mics (gain) based on your comment about how 57s need more "boost" from the preamp as compared to some other mics.