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Ward Beck officially closes

 Just got this in my inbox.

Hi Folks:

Super mixed emotions about the closing of the factory having lived in it for many many months.

I wish the Lyver and the Johnson and the families of all involved in Ward-Beck Systems a healthy prosperous new beginning whatever that brings. I wish you success in your new endeavors, retirement, and new opportunities.

Manufacturers - Show me the factory!

I was noticing a new XXXXX microphone introduced at NAMM (which looks cool). I didn't remember too much about the company, so I went searching. Where are their mics manufacured? What is the process? Well, maybe I'm not doing a good search, but I didn't find out right away - long enough that I got bored and decided to write this post.

Pro Audio Manufacturers & Products List

New project for requires:

1.) a very detailed list of all pro audio manufacturers links from around the world.

2.) If such a list exists, products that companies made over decades to current.

If we could actually find a product inventory list that linked every product made by each company, that would be amazing.