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punk rock

My Inability - A Pop punk rock jam

Would love to hear any feedback at all on our mix! Please be brutally honest!
f y’all are interested, this is a song I initially wrote when I was 16 years old and played in my middle school band. I’m 33 now and my drummer heard the song and wanted to revive it. Interestingly enough, the original version of this song won 3rd place in the VH1 School of Rock Battle of the Bands contest! (Each of the band members won School of Rock DVD’s and Ipods), So here it is… Enjoy!

Quick n' Dirty Pop Punk Mix

http://www.toddejon…"]Flabbergasted[/]="http://www.toddejon…"]Flabbergasted[/] - Trump fans may be put off by the lyrics.

I hastily threw this together, but I'm digging the vibe. Before I start ruining it through overwork, I thought I'd seek some input on the mix so far.

Particulars: It's all me. Drums are programmed via Native Instruments Studio Drummer. All else is real.


Original Pop Punk song for class

Ok so I'm all very new to this mixing deal. Basically at uni we have a new studio. We are required to spend at least 2 hours a week in this studio and get familiar. I have read lots on recording and mixing, and my classmates decided they wanted me to do the mix. I've tried just finicking with a few things and feel like I've gotten something decent... maybe.

I'm mainly struggling with the guitars.

Recording punk/ska vocals

I'm going to be recording for a punk/ska band and I need to know what effects/eq to use on the vocals. The singer does a lot of screaming and most of the singing he does, if not screaming is in a very raspy tone. I would be much appreciative if someone could give me a hand with the recording. Thanks!

And it may help to hear the vocals on previous recordings so you can listen to them at:

Simple mixing question about pop-punk music

Hey I just finished recording a pop-punk song. I am pretty new to all this recording stuff. So what would be the best way to go about mixing it (example: lead guitar 10% to left...etc) I would like it to have roughly some what of the same kind of mix as Blink-182. I am using bass, drums, rythm guitar track, lead guitar track, vocal track,and an organ track for the bridge. Also, what are good plugin FX for vocals. I know these are very wide range questions, but please just try to think old-school blink-182 when answering. thanks.



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