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Do you use commercial/pro recordings to reference your mix?

When mixing, do you ever use professional/commercial mixes as a reference?

Is this something you do often at your own studio, or only when you are mixing at another facility, where it helps you adjust to an unfamiliar environment? Or, do you use this method when using new speakers?

Do you choose specific pro releases, and if so, do you use the same songs every time, or do you adjust the reference based on what you are mixing style-wise at the time? Just curious...

What Drum Machine is this Snare from? Often in Trap genre. (song reference in description)

Hello all;
I have a fairly simple question, though am having trouble finding the answer. So, I thought I'd ask on a forum.

I hear this snare a lot in Trap. What Drum Machine creates this snare?

Here is a song that has it. (mind not the song, if its your vibe or if it aint is not relative to the question.) It appears first in the initial snare roll and can be heard throughout.

List of song for mix reference

Hi guys,

I'm trying to make a short list of songs to reference my mixes to.
1 or 2 songs for each styles of music.
I'm not searching for the most catchy or popular songs, I'm looking for the most sonicly accurate and/or those who sound good as a reference.

Please add your favorite reference songs

  1. Pop :
  2. Folk :
  3. Rock /Grunge :
  4. Country :
  5. Blues :
  6. Jazz :
  7. HardRock :
  8. Punk/Ska :

DAWbench - Reference Benchmarks

And the winner is, exactly what I use for tracking and hybrid stem mixing. However, sound quality and clocking is a different animal and not to be confused over these test results. I use a Prism Orpheus for capturing my 2-bus and as you can see, its way down on the list. When you buy a converter/interface, you should be choosing it for a specific task and test results like this may not be a concern. QS' are $3000 for 8 channels and I need 3 of them plus two interface's, that's over $10,000 for 24 channels. I think Lavry might have been close on that one.


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